The Company

The Process

Corporate Social Responsiblity

LIBRA Ltd. is a company based in Hong Kong where it was established in 1991. Our head-office is conveniently located in the heart of the city, making it very easy and efficient for our customers to visit us. At the same time, our location allows us fast and constant access to and control of the Chinese manufacturing capabilities.
Our design and development expertise covers a vast array of products which could never be manufactured under one roof. Hence, it would make no sense for Libra to be tied-up in a intrinsically limited production facility. Instead, over our 20-plus years’ experience we have developed a select pool of reliable factories, each specialized in a market segment.
The combination of our in-house expertise together with each factory’s, enables us to deliver always the right product, competitively and to the required standards.


Starting from our customer's brief, we create, design and develop entire product collections. At our own in-house R&D department, we design the products and their packaging, incorporating our customer's brand and image. When required, we also perform functionality and compliance tests.


Prototyping and manufacturing is then carried out - under our strict supervision - at our selected sub-contracting factories located in Mainland China.


Our own logistics team arranges the delivery of the products to the required destination. Through our partnership with Libra Italia Srl., where required we also manage domestic distribution in Europe.

Libra is particularly sensitive to the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility. In this connection, we have adopted a three-prong approach that is being gradually integrated into our business model.

Such approach covers first of all Libra’s own labour working standards which are set not only in accordance with the spirit of Hong Kong’s labour laws, but also having particular care to the welfare of our staff and, in general to creating a safe, healthy and harmonious work-place.

Secondly, we regularly undertake philanthropic initiatives, which include monetary and goods’ donations to local organizations and impoverished communities in developing countries.

Finally, for those customers who so require, we establish and monitor manufacturing networks that comply with our customer’s specific Code of Conduct.